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Think Like A Boss

Feb 25, 2020

In today's episode, Maggie shares some words of wisdom on what to do when people ghost you.....

Whether it's clients, prospective leads or people who leave you hanging on the other end of a telephone call. 

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Feb 17, 2020

Today on the Podcast I'm sharing the behind the scenes on the biggest challenges I faced as a woman in business and what I got wrong to start with! 

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Feb 8, 2020

Today on the Podcast I'm sharing one of the most exciting wins I've had in business so far - BossBabe featuring one of my Instagram posts to their audience of over 2Million followers!

I'm also sharing my tips on the Power of the Law of Attraction and why you need to get super clear on what it is you want and why!


Jan 30, 2020

Today on the Podcast we're talking what it means to step into your next level AND how I grew my Instagram audience organically by 4K in 4 Months!  

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Jan 19, 2020

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on side hustling. The pros, the cons and the no.1 thing to bear in mind before taking the big leap! 

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