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Think Like A Boss

Jan 30, 2020

Today on the Podcast we're talking what it means to step into your next level AND how I grew my Instagram audience organically by 4K in 4 Months!  

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Jan 19, 2020

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on side hustling. The pros, the cons and the no.1 thing to bear in mind before taking the big leap! 

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Jan 13, 2020

Today on the Podcast I'm lifting the lid on a subject that soooo many of you experience but that no one really talks openly about :

'What To Do When Your Peers Are Stalking You?'

I ummed and ahhhed on whether to speak out on this subject and as you can see, I eventually thought f*ck it + hit that...

Jan 6, 2020

Happy 2020! Can you believe we're at the start of a new decade?! Seriously where is time flying....?!!

In today's Podcast Episode I'm sharing the key things you need to prioritise to crush your 2020 goals! 

Time waits for no one Ladies. If you're ready to boss up and change your life then give this episode a...