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Think Like A Boss

Feb 8, 2020

Today on the Podcast I'm sharing one of the most exciting wins I've had in business so far - BossBabe featuring one of my Instagram posts to their audience of over 2Million followers!

I'm also sharing my tips on the Power of the Law of Attraction and why you need to get super clear on what it is you want and why!


Jan 29, 2019

Every minute of every day you're telling yourself a story. Your story is either positive and powerful and pushing you on to strive for more, OR  it isn't.  

Whatever story you tell yourself is reflected in your current reality and if you don't like your current reality then it's time to change your story. 

Today I'm...

Mar 19, 2018

Today's Episode is Personal. I talk about what a role model my Dad is and how important it is to NOT becoming a victim of your circumstance.

Whatever your story, own your inner strength and don't let self-pity or negativity stand in your way. I also highlight five tips you can action today to help you to gain clarity...

Mar 6, 2018

Today's episode is all about COMPARISON. Why do women constantly feel the need to compare themselves and for what purpose? 

It's time to STOP wasting energies on others and start creating your own beautiful life. I also highlight seven tips to action today to help you regain focus.

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